What have we been up to? Here I’ll keep my customers up to date with events, seasonal changes in the New Zealand Flower Market & general tips to make your flowers last.

Getting Better All The Time

Creating my website has been a work in progress & I guess I will always be working on it. Tweaking it here & there. Seeing what works & what doesn't. It's all a giant learning curve. I have watched so many tutorials my brain is in shock. Today I really do feel like I have finally reached the top of the mountain. Things do seem to be falling into place all of a sudden. I'm loving how the site looks. There's always room for improvement, however, so if you get a chance to check it out, I'd love to hear your feedback. Does it all make sense? Is it easy to navigate? What about the names of the pages in my menu? I'm wondering if "Floral Gifts" & "Floral Accessories" are the best Page Titles. What are your thoughts? I know what I mean by "Floral Gifts" but does a non-florist know what I'm talking about? These are the questions that fill my head at 2AM! Not only will I thank you for your feedback, but I'm sure my partner, Rob, will too as I might actually sleep & stop keeping him awake as the gears in my head work overtime. I decided to keep Go Flowers NZ & Go Wedding Flowers as sister companies. So many people know my existing wedding & event company & I have put almost 10 years into creating that brand. With that in mind I have removed the "Real Weddings" photo gallery from the new website & have instead created a Wedding Inquiry Submission Form & a link to the other website. Finally, I'd like to say thanks to all the people who have given me so much encouragement to take the leap & follow my dream. You all rock! 

Meghann x