What have we been up to? Here I’ll keep my customers up to date with events, seasonal changes in the New Zealand Flower Market & general tips to make your flowers last.

Morning Glory - Market Bouquets

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning there is a flower auction at the flower market. Growers from all over the country send their products to be sold on the auction floor. It all kicks off at 5.30AM! There are a few hundred buyers that turn up in person & more that buy on the cloud auction from other towns, cities or just from their home. I'm lucky enough to live & work in Kingsland, Auckland & I prefer to attend the market. This allows me the opportunity to inspect the flowers & foliage before the auction starts. That way I can assess the quality & availability of the product I'm interested in before I bid on it. I've designed this bouquet around the best available quality & price. Flowers differ from market to market making each bouquet a little different each time. Colours & varieties will vary so these bouquets will always be a pleasant surprise. If you'd like to pre-order one for the next market day ORDER HERE ,as long as I have your order by midday on a market day I can guarantee same day delivery. Or you might like to order for the next day.