What have we been up to? Here I’ll keep my customers up to date with events, seasonal changes in the New Zealand Flower Market & general tips to make your flowers last.

Minimising Waste

For the last couple of years I have not put any green waste out for rubbish collection. Instead I have been separating out all plant materials for composting, recycling any paper / cardboard & reusing any plastic phials used by growers to hydrate their product in transit to the market. That just leaves the plastic sleeves that I have to dispose of. As yet I haven't found a use for these or anywhere that I can recycle it. Currently about 95% of the flower products sold in New Zealand arrive at the markets for sale in some form of plastic sleeve. It may be time to start lobbying the industry to effect change. I'm not sure how receptive our growers would be to swapping plastic wrapping for something more environmentally friendly but I hope that they start to consider it soon. It wasn't that long ago that we thought the Supermarkets would never consider it & look how quickly that has changed. I think the time is coming for the flower industry to take a new approach & think about the planet first before profits.