House Plants for Gifts

Go Flowers NZ has a small range of plants suitable for gifts such as terrariums, succulents and air plants.

Tillansia Terrarium

Tillansia Terrarium


A delightful, miniature Terrarium with black & white sand & tiny white stones. These are the perfect plant for the person who forgets to water their plants! Tillandsias are “air plants” & so require very little care. Perfect for a small, well lit space.

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These terrariums stand 12cm high x 8cm wide & would be perfect for a small, well lit space. Tillandsias are “air plants” so they mostly gather moisture from the air. The plants don’t need watering in the way that most do. A very light misting of soft water every fortnight is all that they need. As they don’t form roots they can be gently removed from the jar & soaked in soft water for 1-8 hours every now & then to completely rehydrate them. As the plants transpire a little moisture may gather inside the jar. This is normal & will help to feed the plant. Leaving them in direct sunlight could possibly burn the plant as the light is magnified through the glass. Don’t pour water directly into the jar.