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Go Flowers NZ has a small range of plants suitable for gifts such as terrariums, succulents and air plants.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Mini

Phalaenopsis Orchid Mini


Phalaenopsis Orchids (AKA Moth Orchids) with their beautifully delicate blooms are an al time favourite. These miniature plants have double flower spikes & have been planted as a terrarium in a glass container. Orchids are epiphytes & so don’t require large amounts of water. Standing approximately 40cm high these would be a perfect addition to any office or home.

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To care for your orchid and ensure its longevity be careful of air conditioning and drafts. Orchids are a tropical plant & don’t like to be too cold. They like filtered sunlight so a well lit room is best. Although not in direct sunlight. Orchids are epiphytes so in their natural habitat would be on the side of a tree or rock rather than be rooted in soil. They have air roots that gather moisture from the air. A steamy room like a bathroom or kitchen are ideal spots for them. They do require a very small amount of water once every 2 weeks. Don’t let the roots sit in water. This glass container has a drainage layer of stones at the bottom. Also never water directly onto the plant leaves as this may cause them to rot. There are commercial Orchid foods available from garden centres.