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Go Flowers NZ makes flowers for you to wear like floral crowns, combs, lapel & wrist corsages, cuffs & boutonnaires / buttonholes. Also lovely floral wands for flower girls. Plus fresh & dried petal confetti. Perfect for weddings, school balls & confirmations.

Corsage - Wrist (Please specify flower colour(s) preferred)

Corsage - Wrist (Please specify flower colour(s) preferred)


You can choose from either a ribbon, pearl or diamente bracelet to have your lovely corsage attached to. Then let us know the colour(s) of flowers you’d prefer us to use & we will make something unique. Flower types vary from one corsage to another & tend to be the daintiest blooms like miniature Rose buds, Orchids, Fressias etc.

Bracelet Style:
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Select the style you want & let us know what colour(s) you would prefer. This is usually determined by the dress colour of the wearer. If you're unsure then a neutral colour such as white or cream may be the best option.