What have we been up to? Here I’ll keep my customers up to date with events, seasonal changes in the New Zealand Flower Market & general tips to make your flowers last.


This week I attended the Spring Gift Fair. I was on the hunt for all manner of lovely NZ Made products to fill my soon to be Gift Box range. Many of the new items will be in eco-friendly packaging as well. Which gives me such a great feeling. I have been looking for things that come in glass jars & bottles with metal lids, or in aluminium containers. Rather than standard plastic packaging. 

Like Misery Guts Calm Balm for Butts and Stuff. It's a 100% natural balm made form Manuka Honey, native Koromiko & Kawakawa & Mandarin Oil. "It can be used all over, including as a lip balm, nappy balm or wherever delicate skin might need a little TLC." - Misery Guts

I'm also looking forward to the arrival of my new Amberjack Candles with fragrances like "Smoked Lavender", "Tobacco Flowers & Oak" & "Black Rose & Oud". These delicious candles come in "apothecary" style amber jars with gold lids. "Inspired by all things indie, Amberjack produces small batch candles poured by hand. Indulge your imagination and let your spirit run wild amongst our distinctive, earthy fragrances." - Amberjack

I've also ordered a range of natural cream deodorants from Little Mango. Flavours include "Vanilla", "Geranium", "Citrus", "Cedarwood" & "Sensitive". Pure ingredients include shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, tapioca, baking soda, sweet almond oil, vitamin e & essential oils. 

So keep watching the site for these new additions due mid-late September.