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Eco-Wraps Part 2

Today I did my first test run with my eco-wraps. This first test was using just beeswax. I played around with the thickness of the beeswax & realised the trick is not to apply it too thickly. I'm fairly happy with the results although they could prove to be a bit cumbersome & the cost may be prohibitive. In my next trial I'm going to mix an oil into the beeswax to see if I can make it more supple. It's all trial & error I guess. I'm thinking of having some sort of return scheme. Maybe $ off next purchase or % discount? Just not sure how to implement that. Are people going to be bothered to return them to me? Should I offer to collect them? Maybe more hassle than it's worth. Still I won't drop the idea altogether. I'm sure I'll think of something that works. There's so much wastage in my industry. I hope I'm not contributing to it by using these. I guess it would be good if the customer can reuse them somehow. Perhaps if they were ok to use with food afterwards .........