What have we been up to? Here I’ll keep my customers up to date with events, seasonal changes in the New Zealand Flower Market & general tips to make your flowers last.


For sometime I have been working on ideas to reduce as much non-biodegradable waste in my business as possible. It's no easy task. The flower industry uses a lot of plastic. It is used to keep flowers fresh & to prevent bruising & damage to delicate petals. It's present in our containers, ribbons & wrapping materials. Some changes I have already made are the change to all paper wrapping materials & natural ribbons. I have swapped the plastic speed straw for jute string to tie all my bouquets. When I use paper box bags I use a recyclable plastic pot for my water. The biggest dilemma continues to be how to wet wrap my flowers in my roll wrapped bouquets. For flowers to survive the journey to their final destination they need to be kept cool & have a water source or the stems kept moist while in transit. I had a play around with waxed paper in place of the usual Celophane. It was ok but there was some slight seepage. Probably not ideal when you're receiving flowers at the office. I started thinking about adapting the beeswax coated fabric wraps I have seen recently at local craft markets. What if I could make larger ones with a natural fabric to replace the plastic wrapping? It's worth investigating. I started doing trials with calico & beeswax. It's looking promising. I think I'll have some samples to use this week. I'm really excited about the future! Watch this space